2021-2023: Implementation Phase

Strategic Plan Pillars

As we continue on our journey to transform the way we work together and become the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic institution in the country, the school's leadership will use the pillars of the strategic plan as guiding principles for decision making and to set priorities.  Initiatives and programs will continue to be developed based on these pillars and the work of the strategic plan implementation teams.

​An update on tactics and programs for each pillar on main page.


2020: Experimentation Phase

Deans Forum 2-20-20

After conducting a thorough landscape assessment, action groups developed a series of experiments that built on existing work or created new opportunities to test structural changes that address pain points and measurably advance our impact in each of the strategic areas of focus.  The outcome of these experiments will drive our next iteration of implementation.

Executive Summary from Strategic Plan Implementation Team 
December 2020


2019: Assessment Stage

As we began to implement the change needed to pursue our vision, we formed Strategic Plan Implementation Teams to tackle the work. Our implementation teams were organized into five action groups by mission area and focused on leading innovation and discovery by developing and empowering diverse talents. The charge of each action group can be found in the project charter, and the work began with a landscape assessment.


2018: Strategic Plan Announced


SOM Strategic Plan

Dean's Forum 2018

In October 2017, the School of Medicine embarked on an inclusive and highly participatory strategic planning process that aimed to engage a diverse group of stakeholders across multiple geographies who, through their work together, set a bold vision for the coming years. The strategic planning process was overseen by an Executive Committee of the school’s chairs and directors, a Steering Committee and five Working Groups. Our broader community also had a chance to share their input and recommendations.

In 2018, we announced the School of Medicine's Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Read the School of Medicine's Strategic Plan