UCSF SOM will transform the way we work together to enable the extraordinary people of UCSF to advance health worldwide through excellence in education, research, healthcare, and public service and to become the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic institution in the country.

Achieving a bold vision requires a plan.  Our plan is based on five pillars to support our transformation.  Within each pillar, we have created, and continue to explore, tactics and programs that will lead us to our goal.


DEI champ training

Develop and Empower Diverse Talents

At the center of the strategic plan is the most valuable asset we possess: our people. As an institution, we strive to understand, support and celebrate the extraordinary faculty, staff and learners. We aspire to inspire and support learners, faculty, and staff to unleash their individual talents and abilities to do their best work in support of our diverse patients and communities.

Our Culture
What We've Done What's Next
DEI Champion Training Build Anti-Oppression Expertise (Differences Matter)
Virtual Meeting Practices Return to Work Policies
Faculty & Staff Morale Fund Future of Telework
Faculty Resource Fund Community of Practice: Staff in Education
Guidelines for Committee Composition Community of Practice: Department Promotion Chairs
Appointment of New GME Dean and Regional Campus Dean Launch Regional Campus to Address Healthcare Disparities
Faculty Salary Equity Review  
Childbearing/Childrearing Leave  
DEI Department Accountability Process  
Supporting Managers with Gallup Action Planning with Video and Town Halls  
Our People
What We've Done What's Next
Holistic Review for Residency Selection Promotion Coaches
Interdepartmental Basic Science Recruitment Strategy Leadership Training for Ambulatory Leaders
Dean's Diversity Fund (Watson Scholars) Competency Based Training for Staff
Donor Funded Student Scholarships On-boarding for CRCs
ARCHES: Advancing the Research Careers of Historically Excluded Scholars Guiding Principles for Documenting DEI Contributions
Staff FAQs: Navigating a Career at UCSF Diversify Medicine (Differences Matter)


UCSF DeRisi LabLead Innovation and Discovery

Leading innovation and discovery are core to our mission, and UCSF has consistently been ranked in the top five for research and primary care training.  We aim to continue to promote curiosity-driven research to further our understanding of fundamental science; support excellence and innovation in education to meet the needs of society; and join with our community to use discovery to improve health locally and globally.

Research and Basic Science
What We've Done What's Next
Post Doc Events to Promote Collaboration Innovate Collection and Use of Data for Equity (Differences Matter)
CTSI Diversity in Clinical Trials Parnassus Research and Academic Building to Facilitate Communities
Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine Recurring Convenings of Vice Chairs of Research and ORU Directors
Bakar Research Aging Institute  
Continued Leadership: NIH Funding and US News  
NIH Diversity Supplements  
ZSFG Pride Hall: Research and Academic Building  
What We've Done What's Next
Latinx Center of Excellence Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative
Revamped or Eliminated Honors Grades  
Curriculum Changes:
Redesigned Graduation Competencies
Integrated Social Justice
Developed Anti-Racist Toolkit
Racism and Race: The Use of Race in Medicine Event Series   
Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative: Resources and Tools  
Clinical Care
What We've Done What's Next
Health Equity Councils Anti-Oppressive Curricular Initiative
Continued Leadership in US News Rankings Innovate Collection and Use of Data for Equity (Differences Matter)


Zoom DOM Grand RoundsAdvance and Harness Technology

To advance our goal of leading discovery and to anticipate the future of health and healthcare, we must push the boundaries of technology, its human interface, and data-driven applications in all areas of education, research, and healthcare.

What We've Done What's Next
Population Health Data Initiative Streamline Faculty On-Boarding Process
IT Security Digital Compensation Plan Compliance Process
GME RESQ Tracking Apex Enabled Research
EPIC Experimental Measurement Self-Service Analytics
Utilization of Zoom and Virtual Reality through COVID Student Documentation


Covid Community Testing SiteEstablish and Maintain Meaningful Community Partnerships

In order to make the Bay Area a healthier place to live, we will foster an environment that encourages real connections with the community in which we work, learn, care and discover. We will engage our community to design and prioritize initiatives to improve health and well-being.

What We've Done What's Next
Community Advisory Boards for Educational Strategies and Research
COVID Testing Outreach to Mission, Bayview Hunter’s Point, Fruitvale Community Partnership Compensation Practices
COVID Vaccine Speakers Bureau Optimizing Affiliate Partnerships
Appointment of New Associate Dean for Population Health and Health Equity  
RAP Community Engagement Supplement  


App on iPhoneTransform Communications and Operations

We are committed to reinventing the organization in ways that will enhance UCSF SOM’s ability to successfully execute on our defined strategies by improving communications, streamlining decision-making, reducing barriers, and being proactive and solution-oriented.

What We've Done What's Next
Why We Work Newsletter
Coffee With the Dean
Mobile App for: Accepted Students, Orientation, Resident/fellow Recruitment, SOM Staff Onboarding Videos
Dean’s Forums Multimedia Storytelling
Public Policy Champions (PHHE)  
Dean’s Commendation for COVID-19 and Anti-Racism  
New SOM Website - Includes Enhanced Digital Accessibility  
Virtual and In-Person Monthly Coffees with the Dean  
Rebranded UCSF School of Medicine Hallway (Med Sci Building)  
UCSF SOM Podcast - The Spark  


For additional information about our strategic plan, contact [email protected].