Our goal is to promote salary equity for faculty across the UCSF School of Medicine.  We have recently made the decision to provide full transparency of how faculty members are compensated at UCSF, with information about each Department’s Health Sciences Compensation Plan (“the Plan” or “The Comp Plan”) available on Box.

We also strongly recommend the VPAA Office’s Compensation Information.  We also know many UCSF Health clinicians are concerned about how funds flow impacts their salary, so provide several links in resources below.


Faculty Salary Equity Review

We work in close partnership with the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs to conduct a faculty salary equity review (FSER) annually.  Information about the FSER, including committee composition, charge, reports methodology, are available here. Given that salary equity issues persist in academic medicine, this work is especially important to achieve our PRIDE values.


Outside Professional Activities

Compensation Plan members may engage in outside professional activities in accordance with the Plan’s terms and conditions.  Outside professional activities require annual disclosure via OATS (Online Activity Tracking System); please refer to Plan’s disclosure requirement.  Every academic year, you must create and certify your report.  To certify your annual report, please log in into OATS at ucsf.ucoats.org (or log into OATS through MyAccess).  The VPAA’s Office Website has excellent include information about outside activities in OATS, including tutorials, user guides, and prior talks.  If you have policy questions, please contact your Department Chief Administrative Officer (if you don’t know your CAO, please see SOM leadership structure).  If you have technical questions regarding OATS, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Although disclosing outside professional activities in OATS fulfills your conflict of commitment reporting obligations, there may be additional conflict of interest reporting requirements to the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC), Office of Ethics and Compliance, and/or disclosures involving intellectual property to Office of Technology Management.  


**A Note About Clinical or Patient Care Activities***

All clinical and/or patient care activities must be provided within the University setting or as part of an approved affiliation agreement or Professional Service Agreement (see Professional Services Agreement Process Flow [pdf]). All clinical income is due the Plan. In no case are faculty who are members of the Plan (“Plan Participants”) allowed to retain income from outside clinical or patient care activities.



Our office is responsible for: 

  • Administration of the SOM HSCP Compensation Plan
  • Overseeing the compensation of Chairs & Directors 
  • Overseeing the Faculty Salary Equity Review (FSER)
  • Oversight of outside professional activities