At times it can be really hard to navigate interpersonal challenges at work.  If you encounter interpersonal challenges that can’t be remedied by working with your division chief or chair, there are resources to help you here at UCSF.  These include: 

  • The VPAA’s Office: Provides lots of information about misconduct, grievances, and performance management, including on how to file a formal complaint.
  • The Office of Ombuds: Provides confidential advice to help you informally address your concerns.  Provides services include serving as a thought partner to explore skills and strategies for engaging in difficult conversations; providing confidential mediation services that support participants voluntarily coming to agreements; working with teams to address challenging dynamics; and providing anonymous upward feedback where concerns about retaliation prevent elevating an issue to a supervisor.
  • The Faculty and Staff Assistance ProgramProvides free, confidential employee counseling services. In addition, any management level faculty or staff member (e.g., supervisor, MSO, department head, administrator) may request FSAP consultation services regarding any organizational concern having a significant psychological or behavioral element (e.g., psychiatric symptoms, substance abuse, stress, transitions, safety, conflict, communication, grief).

If the resources above are insufficient and/or you talk to get our advice about informal resolution strategies from the Dean’s Office, we are here to help you—just reach out to Oriol Zales  to schedule a meeting.    


UCSF Chancellor’s Annual Policy Notification (2023 available)

VPAA Office: Misconduct, Grievances, and Performance Management

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program [offsite link] 

Loss of Good Standing


Our office is responsible for: 

  • Advising faculty, staff and departmental leadership regarding management of performance concerns, interpersonal challenges and providing advice about how to use informal resolution to resolve conflicts  
  • Conducting preliminary investigations of allegations of faculty misconduct under the Faculty Code of Conduct