Faculty Development

Do you know the range of faculty career development opportunities available so you can thrive here at UCSF?  All UCSF faculty have membership to a variety of trainings through the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.  Faculty can also apply to the UCSF Coro Leadership Training Program.  Faculty are also welcome to take advantage of the new ARCHES Program (Advancing the Research Careers of Historically Excluded Faculty).  The UCSF Learning & Organization Development has a lot of leadership development resources as well. The Center for Faculty Educators has created a robust website with resources and activities for everyone who interacts with learners to improve their skills.  This even includes short 3-min skill videos—perfect for the busy clinician!  Additionally, there are many mentoring resources available to enhance your work.  Several other faculty development resources are available on Box.

If you are new to UCSF—Welcome!  And we strongly encourage you to attend the Faculty Development Day every September. 

Many faculty are also interested in executive coaches.  The Office of Ombuds have some options, and we also have a list of executive coaches for faculty.

Faculty Awards

Our office oversees the Faculty Travel Awards for Child, Elder or Dependent Care, Irene Perstein Award, and selection of specific AAMC faculty development awards.  Please see below for more detail.

Faculty Travel Awards for Child, Elder or Dependent Care

The SOM faculty travel award for Child, Elder, or Dependent Care has been available since 2008.  In fact, our team has published about this work.

  • School of Medicine faculty member who holds an appointment with a step designation
  • Rank: Assistant, Associate, Professor
  • Series: Adjunct, Clinical X, HS Clinical, In Residence, Ladder Rank
  • Maximum $2,000 for one professional conference/meeting
  • Faculty members may receive up to two (2) travel awards during their time at UCSF.
  1. The Faculty Travel Award is for faculty members who have significant childcare, eldercare, or other dependent care responsibilities and who plan to attend a professional conference/meeting.
  2. The Faculty Travel Award is intended to support professional development by facilitating dissemination of scholarship and expansion of professional networks. The faculty member must give a presentation, serve as a moderator, convene a research consortium, or otherwise demonstrate that attending the conference is important for career advancement. Examples include giving a talk or moderating a panel at a professional conference, presenting grand rounds or serving as visiting professor at an academic program, convening a planning meeting for a multi-center clinical study, or attending a leadership development conference.
  3. The purpose of the award is not simply to enable family members to accompany the faculty member to the professional conference/meeting; there must be a reason that they need to travel with the faculty member.  The faculty member must utilize the Faculty Travel Award funds to support childcare, elder care or other dependent care expenses that are incurred directly in conjunction with the faculty member's attendance at the professional conference/meeting.
  1. Contact Ms. Sheila Quimpo via email at [email protected] regarding details about what qualifies as a dependent, and examples of allowable and unallowable expenses. Faculty then can complete the application.
  2. Prepare a budget that describes how the Faculty Travel Award funds will be used to support expenses for childcare, eldercare or dependent care. Expenses may be incurred at either the site of the professional conference/meeting or at home.
  3. Submit a one paragraph description that summarizes why this funding is important and how participation in the professional conference/meeting and the presentation will enhance career advancement.
  4. Funding must be requested at least one month ahead of travel and notification will occur within two weeks of receipt of the application.
  5. Any change to the approved budget should be submitted in advance for review and approval.
  6. Awards are granted on a rolling basis throughout the year until the funds have been expended.

Click here for application.

*If you have any questions, contact Sheila Quimpo at 476-4237 or via email at [email protected].


Irene Perstein Award

Irene Perstein Award is awarded annually by the UCSF School of Medicine to an outstanding, newly recruited, junior woman scientist. This unique award honors the legacy of Ms. Irene Perstein, who donated funds to support junior women faculty at UCSF.


Eligible candidates include women faculty members who started their initial appointment as Assistant Professor (regardless of series) between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023, who are expected to develop a high caliber independent research program in basic, clinical, or translational science. The award is for up to $80,000 total and may be used for salary support, staff, or equipment.


Nominations should be submitted by the Department Chair/ORU Director. The nomination packet should include four components: 1) a one-page (maximum) letter from the Chair or ORU Director that describes the candidate’s qualifications; and 2) a one-page (excluding citations) letter from the candidate which describes the proposed research and the anticipated impact of the Irene Perstein award; and 3) the candidate’s current CV; and 4) the candidate's offer letter

Applications & Selection Criteria

Applications should be addressed to Paul Garcia, MD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and submitted in a single PDF to Oriol Zales.

Selection criteria include:

  1. Scientific merit of the proposal, including novelty/innovation (if applicable, include factors that limit current funding opportunities), feasibility and the potential impact on human health
  2. Anticipated impact of the Irene Perstein award on the candidate’s research program and academic career. The ideal candidate has not yet secured a large extramural grant or benefitted from a large start-up package.





Request for Applications (RFA)

March 25, 2024

Applications Due

May 6, 2024

Award Notification

June 14, 2024

AAMC faculty development awards (seminar registration sponsorship - coming soon)


Other Resources:

Our office is responsible for

  • Ensuring faculty are aware of range of faculty develop programs across UCSF  
  • Management of Faculty Travel Awards
  • Management of Irene Perstein Award