How will the awardees be selected within the School of Medicine?

There will be 4-6 selection committees which will be organized by functional areas so that employees in similar roles are competing against each other. The selection committees will comprise managers, non-managers and faculty.

Could an employee receive both an Achievement and a Spot Award?

Yes. An employee could receive both awards as long as the combination of both awards does not exceed 10% of salary or $10,000, whichever amount is lower. With that said, control points and HR will provide regular auditing to ensure compliance requirements are followed in award allocation.

Is it possible to get a Spot and Achievement Award for the same accomplishment?

It is possible, but unlikely. Achievement Awards are based on work that was accomplished over an extended period of time. For example, if a manager is considering giving a Spot and Achievement Award for a project accomplishment, then it should be nominated over multiple plan years based on different milestones being achieved within a project.

Can STAR Awards be used to recognize team efforts?

Yes, they can. In some situations, a project lead may receive an Achievement Award and project team members could receive a Spot award. If you are giving a Spot Award to a project team, then every award recipient would receive a $1,000 award. The $1,000 Spot Award is not split or distributed to project team members.

Can the department or divisions supplement the $5,000 Achievement Award or $1000 Spot Award amounts with additional funds if they are available?

No. The award funds may not be supplemented by department or division funds. In addition, the Spot Award and Achievement Award budgets cannot be moved between programs. The funds/budget for each program (Spot or Achievement) stay within each program.

Is there a recommended pay cycle to submit an award for payment?

Achievement Awards will be paid in June 2019. Who can nominate deserving staff members? Anyone. Supervisors will be consulted on their support for all nominations.

Can I nominate someone from another SOM Department or outside the SOM?

Yes, you can nominate any eligible campus staff members.

How are the Achievement Awards funded?

The program is funded by a payroll assessment of eligible populations. Funds are distributed to the Control Points on the basis of the eligible population. The assessment comes from the employee’s funding sources. It is not paid for by the employee.

Can a department implement additional restrictions on award eligibility such as only allowing awards to be given to an employee every other year?

No. UCSF STAR Administrative Guidelines were reviewed by all control points, HR leadership and UC Office of the President. Control points and departments must follow the approved eligibility requirements for both the Spot and Achievement award.

Can a campus department or unit offer a non-cash award which is available for all employees?

Yes, a campus unit may offer a non-cash award valued at $75 or less to any employee and this would be separate from the STAR award program. The criteria for the award may be established by the campus unit. The non-cash award (gift certificate or card, merchandise etc.) must be valued at $75 or less so the employee does not incur any taxes, unlike the campus-wide Spot Award or Achievement award which is taxed). Reference from: University of California Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts Policy BFB-G-41 (pages 3-5).