As we implement the change needed to pursue our vision, we will form different teams to tackle the work. 

Our first set of implementation teams were organized into five action groups by mission area and focused on leading innovation and discovery by developing and empowering diverse talents. The charge of each action group can be found in the project charter.  After conducting a thorough landscape assessment, action groups developed a series of experiments that built on existing work or created new opportunities to test structural changes that address pain points and that can measurably advance our impact in each of the strategic areas of focus.  The outcome of these experiments will drive our next iteration of implementation.

Implementation Action Groups 
Strategic Plan Implementation Leader: Beth Harleman, MD

Basic Science
The Basic Science Action Group focused on identifying strategies to build community among researchers engaged in the basic sciences and analyzing strategic changes to the size and structure of graduate programs.

Leaders: Arnetha Whitmore and Holly Ingraham, PhD
Executive Sponsor: Dave Morgan, PhD
Action Group Members

Clinical Care
The Clinical Care group focused on promotion and tenure processes and strategies to ensure guidelines and process align with position descriptions assigned to clinical faculty; and proposing solutions to issues that interfere with climate experienced by faculty and staff involved in clinical work.

Leaders: Margaret Damiano, MBA, Steven Hetts, MD, Shaghaygh Mortezaei, Malini Singh, MD, MPH, and Josue Zapata, MD, MBA
Executive Sponsors: Joshua Adler, MD, and Sue Carlisle, MD
Action Group Members

Clinical, Translational and Population Health (CTPH)
The areas of focus tackled by the CTPH Action Group included exploring a platform that creates and maintains robust partnerships between researchers, health systems, government, policy makers, and communities; proposing solutions to issues that interfere with climate experienced by faculty and staff involved in CTPH research; and identifying strategies to recruit and support a diverse clinical trials population.

Leaders: Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS, and Roberto Vargas, MPH
Executive Sponsor: Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD
Action Group Members

Community Partnerships
The Community Partnerships Action Group focused on designing strategies for engaging the local community in the target, design, implementation and dissemination of results of research directed at improving health; developing ways of engaging our local communities to participate in our education mission; and identifying and designing strategies to ensure that all faculty, staff and learners who intend to engage in community research are educated about best practices.

Leaders: Wylie Liu, MPH, MPA, and Tracey Woodruff, PhD, MPH
Executive Sponsors: Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, and Kelly Meade, MD
Action Group Members

The Education Action Group focused on piloting new opportunities for staff working in education to build skills and develop community; developing a framework to partner with our clinical affiliates to measure and continuously improve a supportive clinical learning environment; and proposing recommendations for evaluating faculty for their contributions to equity and inclusion in the educational environment..

Leaders: Angela Sutkaitis, MBA, and Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD
Executive Sponsor: Bobby Baron, MD
Action Group Members