The School of Medicine’s Office of Academic Affairs provides counsel to the Dean, Department Chairs, Faculty, and Staff on academic matters related to faculty personnel, policies, procedures, and faculty misconduct.

The Office consists of the Vice Dean, two Associate Deans, the Director, the Assistant Director, and the Executive Analyst. The Vice Dean reports directly to the Dean.

**To schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with the Vice or Associate Deans or Director, please contact Ms. Oriol Zales at [email protected].

    About the Office & Contact Information

    The School of Medicine's Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for:

    • Reviewing appointments for faculty and non-faculty academics
    • Reviewing advancement and promotion packets
    • Reviewing appraisal packets
    • Advising faculty and departmental leaders on issues related to appointment and advancement
    • Advising faculty, staff and departmental leadership about management of performance concerns and providing advice about how to use informal resolution to resolve conflicts
    • Making presentations on topics related to academic advancement and the Faculty Code of Conduct
    • Analyzing and advising on issues related to faculty compensation, benefits, and outside professional activities
    • Conducting preliminary investigations of allegations of faculty misconduct and violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct
    • Sharing potential and actual changes in academic personnel policies and procedures with the Dean and Department Chairs and recommending courses of action
    • Representing the School of Medicine in school-, campus- wide and system-level discussions related to academic affairs and other academic policy issues

    Our Team

    Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS
    Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
    (415) 476-1977 [email protected] 

    Renée L. Binder, MD
    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
    (415) 476-1977 [email protected]

    Paul Garcia, MD
    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
    (415) 476-1977 [email protected]

    Amy Friedli, JD
    Director, Academic Affairs
    (415) 476-1977 [email protected]

    Sheila Quimpo
    Assistant Director, Academic Affairs
    (415) 476-4237 [email protected]

    Oriol Zales, MPA
    Executive Analyst to Vice & Associate Deans, Academic Affairs
    (415) 476-1977 [email protected]

    Karla Goodbody
    Affiliation, Outreach & Compliance Coordinator
    (415) 476-1978  [email protected]

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