Below we outline faculty leave policies, loan repayment program, retirement information, and information for faculty caregivers.

Faculty Leave Policies 

It is important that faculty take care of ourselves, including time to rest and recharge.  We encourage faculty to take the vacation leave we have so that we can be more effective at work and at home.  Faculty should know that there are a variety of leave options available to Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants.  In addition to Childbearing /Rearing leave, there are also paid leave policies to care for family members, extended illness leave, bereavement leave and catastrophic leave.  If you have questions, reach out to your Campus HR Representative (you can find your rep here: 


Home loans & FRAP

Student Loan Repayment Programs

Below are two student loan repayment programs that some UCSF faculty have taken advantage of:


All questions related to retirement decisions and their implications should be directed to UCRAYS (UC Retirement At Your Service).  Additional information is available on the UC Retirement Plan Website.  For Plan participants, you may request a post-retirement recall appointment for up to 43% effort. Recall appointments may be inside or outside the Plan and are evaluated for renewal annually.    You should discuss recall options and their implications for compensation as well as obligations with your Chair, Division Chief or CAO

Business Travel

When you do business travel, please remember the array of University travel guidelines. We also strongly recommend purchasing your tickets through Connexxus (link through MyAccess) because of many benefits including:

  1. Free preferred seating and upgrades
  2. Direct billing using a SpeedType
  3. Free travel insurance coverage
  4. 20% discount for Starwood hotels

All Faculty

General Resources

Faculty Caregivers

We know many faculty are caring for loved ones at home.  We encourage all faculty to visit the UCSF campus life services for many resources available to you.  In addition, Dr. Stephanie Rogers in the UCSF SOM Department of Geriatrics created a website to know about community resources for older adults in the Bay Area.