clinician and patientOver the initial 5-year phase of Differences Matter, much has been accomplished and facilitated through this wide-reaching effort to make UCSF the most diverse, equitable and inclusive academic medical system in the country. Now, as the country copes with the stark realties of COVID-19 and confronting the issues of police violence and racism, especially anti-Black racism, we celebrate and recommit to the ideals of Differences Matter: 

  • To diversity, equity and inclusion; 
  • To health equity for all; and 
  • An end to hatred, violence and discrimination against any groups based on their social and demographic characteristics. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic highlights healthcare disparities, our leadership and commitment to health equity is more important than ever.

We commit to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare – to keeping Health Equity in Focus and participating in this health equity campaign to Educate, Advocate & Act on these issues. 

Our goal is to spread the word and to get as many people as possible to commit to the above ideals and to advancing health equity.

Join us in taking action now and commit to concrete action(s) over the next month. Learn the basics about health equity on the General Information page, and take a deeper dive with Resources for Health Care Providers

Take the Health Equity Pledge