Moving Forward: Reflections on How to Use Race and Racial Categorization in Medical Education, Clinical Practice and Clinical and Translational Research

April 28 and May 5, 2021, 8:30-11:00 am

At this final session, we will take what we’ve learned from the first three sessions and apply this knowledge to how we think about incorporating, or not incorporating, racial categorization into our mission areas. We will break into three tracks: Medical Education, Clinical Practice, and Clinical and Translational Research.

Agendas for each session will be similar: 

  • Opening Remarks
  • Small Group Charge
  • Break-out into Small Groups
  • Report Back

Registration is limited.

These sessions will not be recorded as the majority of the session will be spent in small groups.

Medical Education
April 28, 8:30-11am

Clinical and Translational Research
April 28, 8:30-11am

Clinical Practice
May 5, 8:30-11am