New Research: Fostering an Inclusive Learning Environment at UCSF’s School of Medicine

June 21, 2018 | By Karin Fleming
2017 White Coat Ceremony

2017 White Coat Ceremony

“Healthcare disparities due to racially based differences in the quality of care delivered represent an invisible, silent epidemic. It’s in our wheelhouse to mobilize for this as we have for other epidemics, to educate our learners and graduates on these issues, and to collectively envision a better world where education programs and institutions are models of inclusion and equity,” said Catherine Lucey, MD, Executive Vice Dean and Vice Dean for Education during her keynote address at the annual Center for Faculty Educators Education Showcase at the Mission Bay Center and UCSF Parnassus campus last month in San Francisco.

Dr. Lucey encouraged educators to partner in redesigning educational programs to help learners from diverse racial and ethnic groups. “We must redesign learning experiences that equalize social capital for all learners, and implement assessment programs to capture the additional burdens that underrepresented-in-medicine (UIM) students face. This work must be embedded in everything we do in healthcare systems and in education.”

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