Each funded grant will have a maximum budget of $35,000. The choice of funding agency will be made based on the novelty of the technology and qualifications of the investigators and research applications proposed.

It is expected that the cost for large pieces of equipment should be shared among several sources, including departmental funds and individual research grants.

ITEMIZED BUDGET to be included in all REAC applications

  • Consumable supplies itemize
  • Animals itemize according to costs of purchase and cost of maintenance (i.e., amount per day per number of animals and total length of time)
  • Permanent equipment items of $100.00 or more
  • Temporary technical assistance - This cost is generally discouraged for REAC funding. However, if technical support is specifically required by the project, and no other funds are available, then clearly justify the need on a one-time basis. Funds may be used to provide short term salary support for postdoctoral scientists and partial salary support of not greater than 50 percent for existing research staff.
  • Postdoctoral support- Any request for postdoctoral support must be strongly justified.
  • Other - Laboratory tests, operating room costs, statistical services, and analysis, etc. Justify the need for all items. Document proposed joint usage.
  • Budgetary overlap - Describe potential overlap with other funding sources.
  • Justify all budget items.

Please note the following with regard to specific budget items:

  • PI and co-investigator salary support. Funds may be used to provide short-term salary support for postdoctoral scientists and partial salary support of not greater than 50 percent for existing research staff. Partial PI Salary Support that is well justified may now be requested. Ongoing salary support for PI or co-investigators is not allowable.
  • Office supplies, reprints, communications (phone, fax, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Permanent equipment. The applicant should indicate that proper investigation of the University Surplus Pool has been made and that the required equipment is not available by calling ext. 2-3064. Non-expendable equipment exceeding $100 in value remains the property of the School of Medicine.
  • Renovation costs are not allowed.
  • Travel. Travel required as part of the specific research project should be clearly described and justified. 
  • Personal computers. Under most circumstances the committee will not provide funds for personal computers. Requests for a computer will only be considered if well justified and

          - if essential for the project,

          - if submitted as part of a formal research proposal that
demonstrates the need for the requested equipment,

         if accompanied by evidence that the investigator has explored
sources for computer access or purchase,

         - if multiple use is contemplated.