All REAC funding is now done through the Research Allocation Program (RAP). Please visit the RAP website for information on how to apply.

The Research Evaluation and Allocation Committee (REAC) will fund research applications for a one-year period for pilot projects, hardship supplements, shared instrument proposals and support of other research important to this campus.

Detailed instructions by category

  1. New and Junior Faculty: For new and junior faculty who have achieved independent status.
  2. Hardship: For more established investigators who are experiencing a short-term lapse in funding.
  3. New Direction: For investigators at all levels who wish to embark on a new and significantly different research direction. This category also includes investigators who have pursued other academic interests and are now re-entering a research path.
  4. Shared Instrument: For instrumentation to be used by a group of investigators with PI status, and to be managed by a campus core resource.
  5. Pilot for Established Investigators: For investigators with faculty appointment at the associate professor level or above.
  6. To support a wide range of biomedical research.