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School of Medicine Leadership Retreat

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Each year the Dean of the School of Medicine convenes an off-site meeting and invites the school’s leaders as well as leaders from the campus and content experts to discuss a timely topic that has implications for the school and the university at large. The retreat takes place in January of each year, is well-attended by all leaders, and serves as a key component to creating strategy for the school.


Examples of past retreat topics include:

2018: Our Strategic Plan (video showcasing insights from the retreat)
2017: Amplifying Leadership at UCSF (view 2017 Retreat Report and story)
2016: Breakthroughs at the Boundaries
2015: Race Matters
2014: Ahead of the Class - Leading the Learning Revolution
2013: Faculty of Tomorrow


How Are Attendees Selected? How Can You Get Involved?

A core group of attendees are invited each year to the School of Medicine Leadership Retreat on account of their central roles in the school and on campus.

These include department chairs, center directors, deans of the other schools, UCSF Health leadership, the Chancellor and EVCP and other UCSF leadership, both faculty and staff. This core group comprises around 90 people.

The remaining cohort, around 60 people, are primarily chosen based on the theme of the retreat.

For instance, a retreat focused on education would likely include a group of key educators, as well as students and residents. For 2017 retreat, with its theme of leadership, a number of junior and mid-career faculty and a group of leading and rising staff were invited. Interested in attending a future School of Medicine retreat? Send an email with a short (one or two sentences) explaining your interest and potential contributions.