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2013 Leadership Retreat Outcomes - Pilot Projects

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At the School of Medicine’s annual Leadership Retreat earlier this year, a group of around 150 senior and junior faculty brainstormed in teams how to boost collaboration and engagement among their peers. The teams generated a rich and broad range of ideas which resulted in four pilot projects.

1. Bureaucracy Busters: Making Work Life Easier

To enhance work satisfaction and enable greater productivity, we are asking all faculty and staff to identify bureaucratic challenges they face in their daily work and identify potential solutions that will reduce or eliminate them. We are looking for quick and creative solutions that will have a significant impact on the school community. A good example of an administrative success story is MyAccess single sign on, developed by ITS, which simplified life for many of us. The top solutions will be implemented with support from the Dean’s Office.

From the 39 submitted proposals, we have selected the following to pursue within the next 60-90 days:

1.  Make common chemical SOP templates available on the EH&S website
2.  Develop a simplified global photo consent policy
3.  Reduce journal entries for development spending fees
4.  Streamline credentialing across SFGH and UCSF hospitals
5.  Simplify the process of obtaining IT access for new hires

Updates on these projects will be posted periodically on the Bureaucracy Busters webpage on Open Proposal.

We received many excellent submissions, and it has been terrific to unearth the ingenuity of our staff and faculty.  Although some of the ideas fell outside the scope of the Bureaucracy Busters initiative, we will bring all the proposals and challenges they reflect to the attention of the appropriate business units and will respond to all proposals on the Open Proposals site by the end of the December 2013.

Overall, we’ve found this process to be very enlightening and plan to strategize about the best way to repeat this effort in the future.

2. Innovation Lab

At the retreat, IDEO facilitated many of our discussions and brainstorming activities, using a structured design process which participants found exiting and inspiring. We want to make this process, along with facilitators, available for teams looking to find new solutions for intractable challenges in research, education, patient care and administration. We are soliciting proposals for projects where design-thinking could produce novel ideas and fuel innovation.

In addition, we are soliciting applications for faculty and staff that would like to become trained in IDEO‘s design thinking process and help facilitate the Innovation Lab projects.

For more information, please go to the Innovation Lab webpage. The final deadline for submission is October 25, 2013.

3. Conversations with Luminaries

Another theme that emerged during the retreat was the need for expanded faculty mentorship, specifically opportunities for junior and mid-level faculty to benefit from the wisdom and experience of senior or emeriti faculty. As a result, the Dean’s Office will be hosting a series of “Conversations with Luminaries” where eminent UCSF faculty will tell stories, share their insights and give advice in an informal setting. These small-format events will be moderated, with opportunities for questions and discussion.

For information on the next upcoming event and to RSVP, please see the invitation.

4. Mission in a Minute

One theme which strongly resonated throughout the retreat was a desire to inspire and motivate our community through storytelling and visual/online media. The pilot project for this theme will be to create a series of very short (60 second) video vignettes of a diverse range of faculty who can give us a glimpse of their work and how it ties in with the overall mission of our institution. The videos will appear online under the People section of the new faculty page and in social media.  In October 2014, a new series of videos were launched.

Other initiatives that are currently underway at UCSF:

IT Innovation Contest

IT Innovation Contest aims to develop quick and creative IT solutions that measurably enhance UCSF’s mission. All faculty, staff, and students are eligible to form small teams, which will compete for as many as three $10,000 prizes.

UCSF 2025

UCSF 2025 is a 36-hour cutting-edge game-like platform designed to spark new ideas and inspire collaboration among hundreds of people.  The goal of UCSF 2025 is to uncover thousands of new ideas that can reinvent the University’s continued leadership in education, health and research through the next decade.