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Innovation Lab Call for Challenge Proposals

Selected challenge topics:

  • Will solve an intractable problem with a significant positive impact on the school, campus, and/or academic medicine/research
  • Require an interdisciplinary team to address the problem
  • Could result in multiple outcomes (there is not an obvious or currently prescribed solution)
  • Will have a component of human interaction that introduces variability into the problem
  • Will fall into one of four topic areas: Research, Education, Patient Care or Administration

Proposal Format:

Submit a maximum one-page proposal that addresses:

1. Project title

2. Subject area: Research, Education, Patient Care or Administration

3. Explain the challenge with these guidelines in mind:

  • Is framed optimistically and without judgment (so that it doesn’t assign blame)
  • Potentially has many disparate solutions (not so narrow as to have but one possible answer
  • Leads to concrete solutions (so that a solution may actually be deployed)
  • Does not prescribe a solution (so that a hypothesis is not already assumed)who is impacted by the challenge

4. List of potential team members and/or the types of expertise needed to address the challenge. Selected challenges will require an interdisciplinary approach to solve.

An example of a valid proposal topic:

EDUCATION: How might we restructure existing clinical responsibilities so that faculty can have more time to devote to teaching?

ADMINISTRATION: How might we enable administrative staff to identify and eliminate low-impact operational tasks?


All School of Medicine faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit proposals.


The deadline for proposals is October 25, 2013, 12:00pm. Please submit proposals via email to Stephanie Belger.

Questions and Proposal Assistance:

We are happy to assist you in developing your proposal or to answer any questions that you have.  Please contact Stephanie Belger via email.