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Meeting Optimization Program

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The goal of the Meeting Optimization Program (MOP) is to ignite a movement to establish a culture of transformative meetings at UCSF by offering tailored workshops for groups of people who would like to learn to lead and participate in meetings more effectively, thereby change our meeting culture from transactional to transformational.


Two workshops are available:



By attending the MOP workshop, participants will have the tools to:

1. Transform a meeting into a highly productive use of people's time

2. Use meetings as transformational events that will:

  • Cement and enhance relationships
  • Create new solutions to complex problems
  • Create a shared commitment to getting work done

3. Create an interactive meeting environment where all voices can be heard

As a result of an idea sparked at the 2014 School of Medicine Leadership Retreat, a work group was formed to look at how the school could enhance its culture of leadership.  The work group identified an improved meeting culture as a way for each of us to use our personal and positional power to make an institutional difference.  If all meetings were led effectively and all meeting attendees were engaged and participated fully, we would succeed in developing and exerting leadership skills to help move the organization forward. 

Sampling of Groups Who Have Participated in a MOP Workshop:


  • SFGH Division of General Pediatrics
  • SOM Health and Society Pathway
  • SFGH WARM Hearts
  • Differences Matter Dean's Diversity Leaders
  • SOM Dean's Office Information Services Unit
  • SOM Department Managers Leadership Development Program


How to Schedule a Workshop:

Are there groups of people that you know who could benefit from learning how to run an effective meeting?
Workshops can be tailored to one or two hours and are best for groups of 10-40 people.
  To schedule a workshop for your group, contact Stephanie Belger.


MOP Facilitators:

The following individuals serve as MOP Workshop facilitators: