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Homework FAQs

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What is the timeframe for completing the assignment?

We’d like for you to send your suggestions for research by December 4, and then, after we respond with directions and a field guide, to complete your assignment by December 21.

Why do we need to do this as a team of 3 or 4 people?

Because every individual will likely discover different insights during their investigation, and part of the experience is about learning how different perspectives reveal unique learning.

What if I can't organize a team?

If you’ve got a great idea, but no team, then email your idea to [email protected], and we will post it and ask for collaborators who are interested. Likewise, if you have neither a team, nor an idea, check the list of attendees and find someone who has an idea that you’d like to work on.

What if one assignment looks interesting, but I can't think of a subject?

If you or your team have given your assignment some thought, but would like some help identifying potential subjects, we can provide some assistance.  Please email [email protected] and [email protected] and describe why you find the assignment compelling, and IDEO will provide some provocation to help you along.

How much preparation will these research outings take?

In most cases, not much at all.  For retail, or other generally-accessible public venues, just show up and enjoy the experience as it unfolds.  For others, you may have to call ahead to arrange access, but we’ll help you to choose something that requires minimal clearance beforehand.  And in a few cases, you might be doing internet research and a phone interview (although a bit less preferable, because it will be less immersive as an experience).

Other questions?

Email Stephanie Belger.