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2017 School of Medicine Leadership Retreat

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Amplifying Leadership at UCSF

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Our communities rely on leadership to help them make sense of change, guide them to envision and achieve a better future, and work with them to ensure that our collective core values endure. As a group of institutional leaders, we will come together to deliberate the UCSF School of Medicine’s approach to leadership for the coming era.  

We begin with the premise that in institutions as diverse, dispersed, and dynamic as UCSF, success in achieving our purpose-driven goals and supporting our talented people requires us to develop a culture of leadership across the institution recognizing that:

  • Each of us is accountable for the success of our individual careers, programs, divisions or departments as well as the success of our entire institution;

  • Each of us will be called upon and must be ready to demonstrate that accountability by exercising leadership in situations ranging from daily activities on the front lines of each mission area to formal institutional leadership roles;

  • Our pursuit of expertise in leadership, like other complex skills, requires a commitment to active engagement, continuous learning and deliberate practice across all career stages.


Retreat Goals:

1. Develop a shared understanding of leadership models that advance our common goals and amplify our national impact by leveraging the extraordinary talents of all members of the UCSF School of Medicine community.

2. Identify strategies that enable everyone at UCSF to develop, practice and refine their leadership abilities on a daily basis, and to succeed in formal leadership opportunities.

3. Experiment with leadership tools and tactics to address current and anticipate future institutional challenges.


How Are Attendees Selected? How Can You Get Involved?

A core group of attendees are invited each year to the School of Medicine Leadership Retreat on account of their central roles in the school and on campus. These include department chairs, center directors, deans of the other schools, UCSF Health leadership, the Chancellor and EVCP and other UCSF leadership, both faculty and staff. This core group comprises around 90 people.

The remaining cohort, around 60 people, are primarily chosen based on the theme of the retreat. For instance, a retreat focused on education would likely include a group of key educators, as well as students and residents. For 2017 retreat, with its theme of leadership, a number of junior and mid-career faculty and a group of leading and rising staff were invited.

Interested in attending a future School of Medicine retreat? Send an email with a short (one or two sentences) explaining your interest and potential contributions.