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2015 Leadership Retreat Outcomes

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At the School of Medicine’s annual Leadership Retreat in January, a group of around 150 senior and junior faculty and senior staff gathered to address the impact of race on health, healthcare and opportunities and discuss how micro aggressions and discrimination affect people of different races at UCSF. Lessons learned:

  • Realizing our promise as an institution will not be possible without achieving our goal for a culture that is inclusive;
  • Numbers, good intentions, programs are necessary but not sufficient; and
  • We must aim for a culture that is color aware and color sensitive, not color blind.

Act Fast

We were able to act fast on a number of initiatives at the school and campus level:

School of Medicine UCSF Campus
Disseminated the lessons learned from the retreat via videos and presentations

Redesigned Pillars of UCSF 2.0 to include Diversity and Inclusion

Designed Curriculum Review Process to eliminate micro agressions and stereotypes Charged Leadership Team to design and carry out leadership education on cultural humility
Launched Food Security Program  
Launched the Dean's Diversity Fund  
Launched the Resident Holistic Review Project  
Engaged Team Members: Bruce Wintroub, Maxine Papadakis, Phaedra Bell, DoQuyen Tran-Taylor, Susan Masters, Shelley Adler, Sarah Paris, Elena Fuentes-Afflick, Talmadge King, Nancy Ascher, Bobby Baron, and many others. Engaged Team Members: Sam Hawgood, Renee Navarro, Dan Lowenstein, Terri O’Brien and Janhavi Bonville

Think Big

We have also developed a framework for moving forward and have assembled a team who is developing a charter, charges and organizational structure for a five-tier, five-year Differences Matters initiative that will be adopted in the School of Medicine in the fall of 2015.