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2014 School of Medicine Leadership Retreat

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Over the next decade, advances in biomedical, social, behavioral, learning, information and other sciences will require all to master new ways to conduct research, care for patients, educate ourselves and our students, and lead the nation in addressing complex problems that impact the health and wellbeing of our communities. Maintaining our preeminence will require that we use our collective expertise and innovative spirit to design and continuously refresh our culture and environment of learning for all members of our community. 

The 2014 School of Medicine Leadership Retreat will focus on envisioning the best imaginable learning environment for all members of the UCSF: students in medical school and graduate degree programs, residents, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff.  We must capitalize on past successes, identify promising new trends, and anticipate differentiating strategies that will allow us to create an environment that is not just best in class but is unique in class.  

The desired outcome of the 2014 retreat will be stretch goals that frame a strategic vision for the school’s ecosystem of learning. Follow-up work will define our roadmap for success.

Key questions to be asked:
1. In what ways is learning at UCSF unique now?  How can we remain uniquely effective in the future?
2. Who are our learners, how do we choose them and why do they choose us? How can we surpass their expectations?
3. How do learners and learning contribute to the success of our clinical and research missions?
4. How does UCSF think about learning in an era of precision medicine, big data, technology, patient centeredness, and teamwork?
5. Where does learning occur and how can we creatively design and use our physical spaces to support continuous learning?

Agenda and Reading Materials
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