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2014 Leadership Retreat Outcomes

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Learning Environment Roadmap

At the 2014 SOM Leadership Retreat, participants from all mission areas focused on envisioning the best imaginable learning environment for all members of UCSF.  Retreat attendees spent time understanding and describing our current strengths and challenges, before breaking into small groups to identify new ideas that would build on these strengths and solve current and future challenges (for a full report on the day’s activities, please read the UCSF story). The resulting eleven initiatives were posted to the Open Proposal website and were open for comments from all SOM staff, faculty and students for three weeks.  The proposals were then reviewed by a committee and distilled into four distinct themes:

    1.  Facilitating Transdisciplinary Education
           Team CSI: Clinical Science Investigation
           Experimental Transdisciplinary Curriculum
           Transdisciplinary Learning Communities (TLC)
           Postdoc-Doc Connection

    2.  Optimizing Clinical Learning to Support High Quality Patient Care
           Redesigning Patient Care
           Learning with a Safety Net
           CLEAR - Clinical Longitudinal Experiences for All Residents

    3.  Leveraging Technology for Learning
           UCSF Collaborative Education Repository
           Using Novel IT to Make UCSF the Most Fun Place on Earth

    4.  Supporting the Professional Development of Faculty and Staff
           Instituting an explicit culture of leadership and development
           UCSF NewTs: A learning community for new teachers

Over the coming weeks we will select high priority projects within each theme and provide support to see these projects through to implementation in the coming year.  In addition, we will create a roadmap for the UCSF learning environment strategic plan, building on current programs, integrating with current medical center and campus strategic initiatives, and linking to UCSF 2025.

As we continue to make progress in each concept area, updates will be posted to the Open Proposal website.