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MOP Resources

To follow are a list of resources that can be reviewed prior to or after the workshop:

  1. The MOP:
    Effective Meeting Checklist

    Setting Meeting Ground Rules
  2. AAMC Leadership Lesson: Tools for Effective Team Meetings - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Team
  3. 7 Imperatives to Keep Meetings on Track (Harvard Business Review)
  4. The secret to running effective meetings  (Institute for Healthcare Improvement)
  5. Facilitation:
    Facilitation Tip Sheet (short tip sheet)
    Facilitating Effective Meetings (more detailed training)
    UCSF MOP Facilitation Tip Sheet

    Stealth Meeting Facilitation from the Rank and File (Harvard Business Review)
  6. Gender Equity:
    How to combat gender bias in meetings - Developed by CACSW
  7. Graphic Facilitation and Note Taking:
    How can drawing and sketching help in a meeting?
    Many more resources on graphic facilitation can be found here.
  8. Teleconferences:
    12 Tips for Facilitating Successful Conferences